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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 12, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PDT

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last night in san francisco when the cubs rallied from a 5-2 deficit driving four runs across the plate taking a 6-5 lead. >> three giants struck out to end the game, and the party was on for the cubs and their fans. the cubs advance to the seconds straight national league championship series where they'll play either the nationals or the dodgers. >> this is the year. >> well, last year could who do you have in the -- do you have dodgers or nationals? you've been following that series. they play tomorrow night. >> oh, definitely, absolutely. are they in? >> yes. they play their decisive game five tomorrow in d.c. we wish the nationals luck. >> go cubs. >> and the cubs. >> all right, coming up, "dancing with the stars" a
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about her dark past. hear how the country star is now using her platform and her voice to help empower women everywhere. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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country star jana kramer is celebrating her best performance yet on "dancing with the stars" after highlighting her most memorable year with a spotlight on domestic violence. >> she spoke with abc about the abuse of her first marriage and her current husband's infidelities. >> reporter: from the outside looking in, actress turned country music sensation jana kramer -- ? i got the boy and she got the man ? >> reporter: seems to have it all. >> my mom told me from day one, never let anyone steal your light from you, and i didn't listen to that.
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speaking about the year she spent living in darkness, a victim of domestic violence. >> i'll never forget just sitting in the bushes like how the heck -- i'm hiding in my bushes. how in the world did i get here? >> reporter: that was the night she says she was almost murdered by her first husband, michael gambino. >> what happened? >> this happened a lot. he would come out from a night out at the club and literally take me out of my bed and throw me on to the ground. he said he was going to kill me, choke me, with he did all those things and i was like, this is it. >> you felt like you came face-to-face with the end of life? >> yeah. my grandpa's always been my angel. and i prayed to him saying, i don't want to be here any more because i don't know how to get out of this situation. so if there is a happier place, like, let me come to you or either save me, take me from this place so i don't have to be here any more because i don't know how to get out. and when -- when we were struggling, he choked me, i see
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of my whole life, and i just remember, like, i screamed out my mom's name, like, and that's the last thing i remember. >> reporter: she was only 19, a rising star, and she just landed her first major movie role. >> it was verbal, and then grabbing the arms, black eye, manipulating me to think it was my fault, and so many women in abusive situations feel like it's their reason for this, and the truth of the matter is, they're not. >> reporter: gambino was convicted of premeditated attempted murder. after five years in prison, he was out on parole. she lived in fear until she got the news that changed everything. >> i remember getting the call that he committed suicide, and i felt bad because my first feeling was relief that he was gone, that i didn't have to worry about him any more. >> reporter: after a second brief marriage and broken engagement, kramer thought she timely found love with former nfl star, mike cosen.
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had a daughter, but as she prepped for "dancing with the stars," news that rocked her world yet again. her husband's string of infidelities. >> he has publicly apologized. >> he is doing all the work that he's supposed to be doing right now, and i acknowledge that and i see that. >> reporter: now she plans to use her platform and voice to help empower women everywhere starting with herself. >> through all of this heartache, what are you coming away with? >> that i'm so much stronger than i ever thought was possible. i am worthy of a great love, and i know that i am truly enough, just me. >> our thanks to kana whitworth for that interview. unbelievable bravery on her part to come out and talk about all this so openly, especially given what she's dealing with now with her current husband. it's fairley recent. >> her life is a country song. amazing. >> she says her priority is her daughter, a happy household no
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? ? why ? >> two truths and a why. >> you people. so funny. >> dogs, a big, fat cat, and confused chicken. what do they have in common? >> absolutely nothing, but we'll talk about them this morning in "two truths and a why." will gantz. >> good morning, you two. we begin with a story that seems too true to be brew. i mean, true. dingo dog brewing company
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they donate all proceeds to no kill animal shelters and animal welfare groups. dingo dog is currently opening a brand new brewery and within the next year also hopes to open a tap room with an outdoor space for dogs to run around while their owners enjoy some hops of their own. buy a drink and make life better for a pup in need? that's the the guilt free ipa i've been waiting for. next up from dogs to cats. and one very unlikely hero. >> carrie and barb gantzburg both describe their cat, strider, as lazy, fat, and, quote, a pain in the rump. their words, not mine. what he gets right, however, is the strict rule he's not allowed in his owner's bedroom. that's why barb knew it was wrong when strider interrupted her morning routine by entering the bedroom and behaving oddly. turns out the spotted real life cat burglars who broke in, but barb was able to scare them away
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morning off from the lazy routine. well done, strider. finally, our why is a very classic one this morning. police in the u.k. appealed to facebook followers asking why this chicken was crossing the road. seriously. the police division got the jaywalker in the rush hour this week, but so far, no one claimed the brave bird. several folks chimed in on facebook with answ he crossed the road in the first place. someone suggesting fowl play, and another said the chicken was being egged on. i personally think that he just missed his bus and was winging the morning commute. kendis, diane, what do you think? >> i don't know. i've been cooped up too long. >> that was mine! maybe he was just hungry and was peckish looking for a snack. >> he's no spring chicken, i'll tell you that. >> he was hatching a bigger plan.
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makers. we'll tell you what's next. and a small plane crashes... just feet from people on the gound. now investigators say this may have been no accident. breaking overnight... a semi crashes into a barrier on i- 15 near cactus... and spills fuel all over the interstate. the front of the truck is comepletely smashed.... troopers tell us the impact was intense... ripped open. thankfully, nothing caught on fire. the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk. yasmeen... you're following another bad crash... good morning las vegas! i'm ...


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